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wind or water.' In the same work, Heister expresses doubts of

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especially for indication of pulmonary tuberculosis. The results are

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held January 14th, the report of the trustees showed

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seven old women. These results were used by us in drawing the curves

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tion of the drug as to find it necessary, when consulting any fresh medical man,

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carotids. The woman died on the twelfth or thirteenth day from

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became alarmed. The nurse persuaded the friends to leave the

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transmission to the descendants, so that for the sake of the children,

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commonly do after absorption of catgut ligatures. This refers

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history of the recent epidemic of cholera as it prevailed in

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strual irregularities and distress. As bearing upon

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au cours de l'infection par le Spirochseta gallinarum. Compt. rend. Soc. d.

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openings in doses of 50,000 units daily for periods

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then run his fingers back and forth through the blaze that

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posed mainly of anthrax bacilli situated chiefly in the lumen of the

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1906 b.— Idem. [Abstract] <Med. Rec, N. Y. (1838), v. 69 (4), Jan. 27, p. 151.

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Milk from a healthy mother with sound breasts is practically

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related, I propose to-day rapidly to sketch the history of hydatid

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to the base by train. Complete surgical removal of all foreign

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dence of that deterioration which began to manifest itself

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cause him days of discomfort and nights of torment. He is

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been given fully to the profession. It will be proper, how-

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scar tissue. In the infantile uterus there was an abund-

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M. Beard, M. D. — Dr. Beard regards this disease as belong-

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the acute stage of ordinary mammitis, it is possible the

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would seem unlikely that surgical measures directed to any one of them would

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trium maybe of acute or chronic nature. The acute are sel-

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ions or prognostications should be delivered, which are not the result of previous

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at these points. On the other hand, in by far the majority of