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was tied on the distal side of an innominate aneurism, by Dr. Wright, of Mon-
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ventilated ' rapplied with pure water ! Were the springs and wells high or low !
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that no district of the Province should be so far from a laboratory as
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Case 1. — The patient, a medical student, in the city, and
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spirits of nitre, 8 ounces; powdered sulfate of iron, 4
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by Stodter] <Ztschr. f. Fleisch- u. Milchhvg., Berl., v. 12 (8), Mai, p. 243.
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from other causes, alteration of the tone of voice was
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currents of positive electricity set from the central part towards the
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uterine artery. Now the forefinger of the left hand
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volving the spinal cord was then detailed, with par-
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as a "Himwesen'' and all lower animals as ''Darmwesen," one
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to be taken at Mare Island. In obedience to this recommendation,
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stores and equipment — besides providing in a thousand other ways for
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as much as possible about the character of the fire-arm, the nature
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crooked, having sometimes the bones of the passage not well
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reactions mediated by enzymes it gradually falls ; for example, the action
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cessors, is likewise admitted in the present day by the most intelli-
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After that another doctor was called into the case and pro-
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control cases no improvement followed a second course of twelve
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Breast of a woman, case of painful affection of the. By M. Duplay 109
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in greatest number should be sought for carefully and examined. 4. The
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directly or indirectly into our drinking water, as any-
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Metchnikoff, Vaughan, Novy and McClintock, all names of men
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Table No. 28. — Pigeon egg white versus hen and crane egg white.
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quantity of urea for the six days during which it was estimated — namely, between
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ease. Its application to this particular system of medicine is implied in
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education to the elevation of the standard of medical ethics, not the code
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mnmumEmm Watch an animation that shows how selected immune treatments work at
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hot water, which acts with varying efficiency according to the
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In this district the year is divided with sufficient distinctness into two
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solved in 300 cc. of hot acetic acid and cooled to about 35-40°. To
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evidence that the peritonitis is local, operation is hopeless. I do not
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From the imperfect character of the digestive fluids, and
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would induce him ; which have often been the means oi
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generative gliopathy. The significance of these changes is not
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heat is transformed into formaldehyde. From the practical point of
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Cocaine in General Surgery. By John B. Wheeler, M.D. , In-