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2. Barlow. Archiv fur Dermal, und Syph. t. 5, 1893, p. 636. — 3. Melchior. Cystite ct

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The principles upon which this discovery is based have been described in a treatise

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and intestinal ulcerations caused by corrosive sublimate, arsenic, and

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See Male Surgical Register , vol. iii. (1889), No. 3715.

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Etiology. — Bronchitis occurring in children, while essentially similar to

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dicines have the power of increasing the secretions which are

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We are told that " righteousness exalteth a nation,

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^ In the table chylorrhrea has been considered as lasting for forty days ; later

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Brown the doctrine of diathesis, both local and general. With both

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womanhood, around which her whole sexual nature re-

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(Transactions of the Edinburgh Obstetrical Socieftf. 8vo. pp. 445, 1872.)

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should be done by a semi-circular incision one fourth inch from the

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