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parable to that of diabetes and of Bright's disease. For the latter
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protection of the patient and operator consist in: First, enclosing
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human form and then covered by a layer of protective PVC. Dur-
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tion of the Army Medical Department, " only compara-
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In the British Medical 'Journal, May 10, 1884, we read that
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tration system. Time does not permit me on this occasion to
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ground with less weight and is raised as quickly as possi-
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advocates a systematic attempt being made to close such ruptures by intro-
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this plant, just then maturing, and it seems with complete success, the
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in breathing through the left side of the nose, under
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temperature of the blood but to some alteration in this fluid, an
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the mouth. Some horses have very sensitive corners to
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95 per cent, hemoglobin. None of the feces could be
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were reported to have a bactericidal effect, and it was hoped that they might
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20th. After that not so well, and sometimes not at all.
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Death, that universal law which organised matter must obey,
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a veterinarian has the opportunity of watching two cases side by
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the result is that laminitis frequently supervenes when
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died. An abscess was found in the anterior part of the brain
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had had a dull pain across the abdomen, with exacer-
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This may merely implicate the extreme summit of the
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exceed five drops, and can be readily estimated by filling the pipette to
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tion with tuberculin T. R. and B. E. are attended with striking results.
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feces a filtered 10 per cent, extract in 1 : 1,000 sodium carbonate was used. The
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in the peritoneal cavity, if there is no obvious reason for any to
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As a check upon the extracted soil free from alkali
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ties were definitely cured. He has also used compresses saturated
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muscles of hand perhaps slightly atrophied ; exagger-
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hard-earned reputation of an honorable physician, we will also correct
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aware. A copy of Dr. Ohisolm's remarks was forwarded by the
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coadministered with short- and long-acting nitrates, bi * pr
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human raiment for a considerable but not indefinite period.
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a collateral circulation on the distal side of the aneurism, which arrests
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be distinguished, also, from a hernial tumor, by the fact that it is
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by a mucilaginous capsule, they are known as gliococci and
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Lyman metallic tube, very carefully guided by the index finger,
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Db p. Dat, H. G. Bitfard, E. G. Janewat, W. A, Lock-
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