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difficult to get an even distribution of them in the counting cham-

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in oil, and smear the two spirules nearest the tail, the lower por-

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which compensation has been established, has remained per-

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enzal Pneumonia. — A. Blood Sugar : One of the frequent findings in

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•deduce the number to a very few. It is not at all evident on

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it may be in points and deep, by pyropuncture, and into the dis-

self, the metal is then the attracting, and the oxygen is, in that case,

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problems, and anticonvulsant medications keep many pa-

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tissues, and still later, in Lepidosteus becomes divided into a

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that is, the gland cells manufacture a ferment — pepsin or trypsin — which,

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calf lymph, and although necessarily exposed as much as

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ability of the organism, but the essential unity of all the varieties is attested by

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raque, a substance which differs little from crude quinine, to which

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be acid-proof in the staining process are sometimes

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other cause appears; yet, with the exception of those maladies

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Klein has not succeeded, in the first place, in showing — and here is the

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relative frequency of its occurrence in infants at an early

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upon the milk of known tuberculous cows was affected with tuber-

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at whatever season of the year its possessor may please.

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Russia possesses (> large and .'300 small hospitals con-

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finger, but devices of a still more mischie\ous character

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Fly Disease, " by J. B. Bradford, F. R. S. and H. C. Plumer, F. R. S.

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better to depend upon the quantity of blood actnally

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Other authorities and arguments might be adduced to show the

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the humerus the bicipital groove with the long head of the biceps tendon

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ment of added danger to the mother. Should she succumb

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of neoplasm. — Peter H., set. thirty -nine; a married German car-

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cases, for example, the patient soon after an extensive operation for removal

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2. In a properly constructed bath there is a place where

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There is no reason to my mind why peritonitis should not

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the desks in front of them, shouted at the top of their voices,

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amadon and chamois skin, to the neck, on the course of the pneumogas-