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Natural Philosophy (Works,) vol. ii. cap. 10, p. 156.
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wound was occasionally dressed, which healed kindly with some slight
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in which cases, tlierefore, tlie clinical diagnosis is diphtheria, such as the sta-
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first six hours of acute anterior myocardial infarction in lj( .
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reason to believe that the bacillus is properly pyogenetic.
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stitched with interrupted silk sutures and the wound
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amount of light-stimulus; but by yellow glasses, that cut off the
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received and will appear as follows:— "Is Yellow Fever Endemic in
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such as to be able to resist the immediate effects of the ope-
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daily) has been necessary to keep her in normal health. This is not
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* Read before the Annual Meeting of the Association ot American Physi-
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The intensity of the head-retraction is described as " very marked "
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Hospital Steward G. H. Brock, to report to medical officer in
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megaloblastic degeneration of the blood-forming structures," and W.
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four or five days. There was no effort or bearing down at delivery,
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In the case here mentioned the apparatus employed was provi-
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the opinion and advice given, the operation was performed on Feb. 1st of
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or received in battle. The particular agent by which the injury
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multiplication of germs of epidemic diseases is prevented.
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cases df Lusk and Garrigues in New York, Jaggard in Chicago
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co-ordination of the muscles and the right mechanism is attained-
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the well-flexed head into the pelvis ; but in occipito-
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