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closing the aperture. A catheter was then introduced and secured in
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canal to keep it dilated, after incision of the lachrymal
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alcohol. An aqueous suspension gives a slowly developing reddish
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Having stated the consequences of obstruction to the portal
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when it is moved. If the finger or hand is passed into the
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cording to the post returns, in the three classes described —
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to explain the method used after a year's experience of X-ray work in a
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carditis, in which there was effusion of pus generally throughout
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time became a subject of more scientific study, and
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soft catheter had to be used during several days. By the end of
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English edition, with copious additions by Chas. Stedman
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give his expenses, as his bank was closed. He probably referred to
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according to circumstances of season and place ? Is that agent which
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Pindaric Odes. By the term " Ode " we are immediately re-
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Found: C = 66.0, H = 10.46, N = 1.96, P = 3.87 per cent.
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wide around the stall, securely nailed about one foot
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litis. But as our experience with it is as yet very small, we
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building with the Mott Memorial Library, the joint collection of books
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thirty-six hours after the evacuation of the pus. In experimental pyo-
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dispensaries. At a meeting of representatives of all
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caused by the projection of the sacrum into the pelvis, without, however, a
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in visiting the various charitable institutions, hospitals, poor-
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Fig. 147, where the drains are iron throughout and possess
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General. CARDIZEM (diltiazem hydrochloride) is extensively metab-