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Season, — The time of year seems to have no connection with the disease.
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increase of the forces that cause elevation. It is important to note that
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is important, since Cestan has shown that many of the illustrations cited from
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wag (1869) to show not only its mechanism, but its clinical value. The
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Casper, Kiister, Wagner, and the ^eat majority believe that no case is
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the patient in the marked cases presenting an extreme degree of anasarca,
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of the paralytic phenomena. In other cases the headaches contmued,
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exertion, *cold,* and other general processes mav be looked upon as causal/'
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ation in unilateral renal tuberculosis. The brilliant monographs of Israel,
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for a long period, finally leads to a periportal sclerosis. One sees, therefore,
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thyroids. This has been questioned by many, and it is, indeed, difficult to
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illmmin solutions, and the deirree to which they exert this inlluencc
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matism, or inflammation should be treated as part of the chief condition.
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which may accompany or precede the other manifestations, and in some of
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humerus, are craggy and irregular. The nutrient foramina are increased
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tlie Royal College of Surgeons, and Regius Professor of Mili~
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in either of these natural depressions. The straight rubber catheter, however,
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muscle fibers, surrounding the point of the eye, rising from the orbital septum
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