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pecially true with potatoes where the seed is poor from de-

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The Medical News, September 3, 1887, and Journal of Am. Medical

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difficulty in passing water, consequently, neither nephritic colic nor

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cup by means of a large hole and deposited in the Receptacle, which is perfectly tight. It is so constructed ;

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questionnaires sent out, 250 were returned, a 92.5 percent

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service in improving nerve-nutrition, and he usually

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The circulation or movement of the blood in the erectile tissues and

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obtained from the hog cholera in this country a bacillus in all respects

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a fact which is substantiated by the universal failure of the vari-

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infant as you would any deadly poison. As I have so frequently

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ihe love of his heart ; he must have that particular

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and there was no noticeable change at any visit. Temperature,


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eurycoma longifolia (libidus) complex

by either a minor accident or shock, and all occurring in mod-

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in the size of the nerves of the gravid uterus. That matchless

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oxide of silver, indicated the presence of sugar, and the skin was harsh

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passes through ; the gush of liquor amnii which immediately

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is productive of the worst effects ; there being but few

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the patient dies." Here is his delightful account of a

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puration of fcrofulous tumours, but it alfo meliorates

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In addition to the members of the Canadian Medical Associa-

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1. Where the disease is masked hy the deep position of the Dilated Bronchi

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he is his own cook. No provision is made for our pension or retire-

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" In order to aid the defective action upon starch, the natural

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Extensors of Fingers ; 20. Flexors of Fingers ; 21. Small Muscles of hand and digits ; 22. Phrenic to

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Hoven.^ — Tympanitis or Drwni-helly. So called from the

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jurisdiction, or he may seize and hold such sheep, or any part thereof, for such

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family, she exercised a singular and seemingly capricious

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also showed that children with acute lymphoblastic leu-

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no. For purposes of fitter drill each set of two is a fitter squad. The

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in the case of a long-standing bronchitis. But this does not occur

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the present divisions of family medical care by general practitioners, pediatricians