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"My recommendation is that, before taking final action, the
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These results have been obtained by isolating the individual alkaloids and
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the formation of multiple renal abscesses might well have been expected
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A close scrutiny of the mesentery showed an old inflammatory
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(probably through Mr. DeForest as Liason Man, by reason of his
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of years after the birth of the patient). She has no heart trouble and
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which digitalis and strophanthus have been inoperative. — Lancet, January 4,
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from which gall-stones with hepatic intermittent fever is to be differentiated.
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operation, the hearing returns to its previous condition." Then follow some
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The low blood pressure and general circulatory asthenia which some
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larger, and coarser catgut has to be used, no trouble results from leaving the
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Beginning with the January issue of the American Medico-
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rhaphy, in how many is it sufficiently grave to warrant extirpation of that
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dose of five drops of the dilute acid an hour after food.
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He believes that the membrane bears more of a resemblance to a product of
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Mrs. W. L. L., 48. Ectopic fifteen years ago. Metrorhagia
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In order to accomplish this I produce a mucous fistula between
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case has progressed too far for operation. In Case 1, the tumor
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These are not equalled by those published elsewhere, and actually supply
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gerations as to the number of the victims of vivisection and the
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infection through healthy mucous membrane very unlikely if not
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Manges, New York ; Frank H. Murdoch, Pittsburgh ; Chas.
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men who had studied the subject. I am still inclined to stick
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justment in England and Continental Europe and with the bitter-
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had disappeared. In two other cases, resorcin used in this way stopped the
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the patient and of those from whom blood is to be taken to deter-
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inanition ten times better than the latter. Warm-blooded animals that hiber-
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entire subject of displacements — the matter being largely a quotation
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these, 46 were affected with malaria during a longer or shorter portion
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examination disclosed air in the veins of the broad ligaments, in both inter-
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Prior to such onerations it being necessary to test the blood of