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Wide, therefore, as is the gulf which separates the cold-blooded carp from the mammalia, or the latter from the hyperthermic birds; remarkable as are the morphological and physiological diflferences shown by the bacilli from these different sources, we are forced to the conclusion that these differences are superficial, that they vary with the conditions of environment, and that the tuberculosis of the fish, the mammal, and the bird is for one and the same disease. There were not enough nurses on "sr" duty at night to safeguard the women patients.

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In cold east winds or a cold rain and he gets cold in the cuts, which sets up inflammation and swelling; or allowing the cuts to heal up too soon and dam back the natural discharge; or it may be from the cuts being poisoned from dirt on the hands of the operator or on some of the instruments, or standing in a dirty stable, or it may be from the colt's blood being- very bad: quibron. Should the theory effects of refraction at least be mastered, as elaborated in this book, the reader will be compensated for his efforts.