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After an action, the protection which has been afforded in par-

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concerned in bacteriolysis are derived from the leukocytes. It has been

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4. Hesselberg, Cora: A Comparison of Autoplastic and Homeoplastic Trans-

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vascular secreting apparatus is impermeable to the blood-stream.

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in the case of the sweet albuminous solution. The carbol, when injected

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characteristic of all the strains. It is noteworthy that the four indif-

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Death." These are just a few representative samples. The remainder are equally

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Hydatid cysts that die and undergo spontaneous retrogression become the

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descriptions of murrain, as given in the " New American Cyclo-

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to chill, but in which there is probably already existing dyscrasia. Such

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out the putrefaction to such a degree that the smell was

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admission. On examination there was found hsemorrhagic dis-

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been practised in too small a number of cases to allow

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this woman recovered perfectly of fo dreadful a dif-

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result in ulcers at the heel, which should be removed by caustics,

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Evening : poise 100, temperature 103, tongue furred and red

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It presents clear, unstained dots like those observed in tubercle bacilli. It

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exist ; if, further, the eye does vary ever so slightly, and the

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of inactivated experimental serum, fresh guinea pig complement 1 : 10, and 5

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as in twenty -four hours/ the truth of which statement

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The problem, however, is a very urgent one, and the meat-inspection


tion, there may be a persistent fever, commencing with normal morning

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animals, but their work has no reference to modern serum-therapy, as their

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of areolar adipose tissue which lay immediately be-

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from its pediculated shape, has received the name of fibrinous polypus.

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upon the patient, resulting in marked emaciation, loss of

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to the action and value of this product. Akoutz found the powder and a

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there is no history of any condition likely to cause injury to the

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in a thoroughly scii'Utific way to those conditions which

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base is one devoid of medical action, and the poultice wet with cold

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possible results to be obtained from the use of other glands and

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on their own intrinsic merits. The discovery of truth is alike

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It might be pointed out here that Cajal and Marienesco have

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timetres of urine, is not accurate, and, in our experience,

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with, but give the patient plenty of air; in other words, give the

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inequalities and injustices that defeat the best efforts of gov-

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tablet of a multivitamin supplement. About two hours

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dies are applicable, as are directed for oxen. (188.)

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grand mountain, which melted away in the distant horizon and sloped

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heat, but it does them no damage. To condemn oats for

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of couHKi into the liands of the Suliecriber, who will l^eep Fam-

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most unfortunate fa,shiou, and is a manifest absurditv.

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bladder are three in number, serous externally, muscu-

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uterus, sending conoidal prolongations into the left broad

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2,923 Dentists, 6,139 Druggists and 59 patent medicine makers.

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Notwithstanding an effort at compression, so much space has been occu-

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dioxid elimination from the skin was constant at 0.2 to 0.4 gm. per