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his delicate appearance, his brilliant, sunken, and languid eye,
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no legal election. When the County Board fails to meet, as authorized by law, the Board
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mollis, non elattica, cuti concolor, iudolens. SaU-
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is aseptic primary union will supervene and a perma-
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We occasionally find one large round or oval cavity, generally but not
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We doubt whether there is a relation between the toxicity of serums
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The most constant phenomena in its production are the short
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diac dysrhythmias in patients with acute overdose but
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nection with the bulbar center, the vasoconstrictor
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tion, and possesses an individual life, which may enable it to maintain
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last of all in the order of the developmental neuroses. They are
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ments affect the unimpregnated uterus. And when at length the fact
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1960. Knorr, John K., 3rd Lankenau Medical Bldg. (19151)
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was going. He was dogmatic and final in his decisions
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M Comptes rendus de rAcad^mle des Sciences, Paris, vol. cxxvi,
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It is announced that the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, is
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izes the heart's movements; it also increases systolic energy and
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the right scapula, but no physical signs were discover-
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Reliever. Is advertised strictly and only to the Medical Profession, to which, upon receipt of the
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dent. I placed her on her back, cut through sternum, also
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from the profound alteration in the shape of the bones, from the formation
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fine granules; sometimes the granules are arranged like a wreath around the
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of the cord of one of the six cases he examined so carefully, a diminution
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creasing number of cases of abdominal section in the
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pendeut in any way upon the method of dressing the fractured limb, I have
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intermission, the urine becomes more and more scanty, and eventually may
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Veratrum was given until the pulse was reduced from
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unfavourable conditions may turn the scale and bring about fatal over-
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in any case in which the instrument could be possibly dispensed with. Many
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the same hospital or locality in which were the cases treated Avith antitoxin.
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sively there was nearly a score of burials at sea of
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suffering from the ordeal ; but in a few hours he developed a
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or serum in the medium. Good growth occurs on blood or serum agar. Coagu-
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The first semi-annual meeting of the Central New York Vet-
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ation, when compared to the misery to be allc^-iated
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feet, and cover up well, until free perspiration is
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on, and roll him round on the ground or cover him with
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tion and one for suppling additional media to the droplets. Early
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therefore I look upon it as hopeless to expect that
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who will read these pages. Knowledge or the lack of it, on this sub-