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The relative size of the pyramidal tract as compared with the
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107, No. 4, January 26, 1918. p. 157. Quotes Wright, Brit. Med. Jour., Apr.
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clusions. I soon found that on the application of iodine they soon as-
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the solar beams or the electric arc lamp. The sun gives the most
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hauer, (Versl. en Mededeel. der K. Acad, van Wetensch. Afd. Natuurk., p.
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Medical Progress in China since the Bepublic. Wu Lien-teh, M.D.
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expiration this feeling* disappeared; I seemed sinking into annihilation, and had
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of the jaw : the pinna was surrounded and incorporated in
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of this disease. The postcritical pulse is slow unless cardiac weakness is
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round the neck and chest), with or without a purge anci
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history of any cause of the disease so far as could
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later being nowhere accessible. I have assumed, how-
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paper, in which the various views as to the etiology of hallux valgus were
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second attack is usually shorter than the first, although in some the relapse
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fluence of name? Is it possible that LaBoche, Dickson,
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consulted Dr. Hawley, then of Ba£falo, who advised cod-liver oil, which
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itself. It seems very probable, Mr. Smith writes, that the immediate results of
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1 An interesting case of this kind is described at p. 231 of volume second.
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the opportunity of securing it is gone forever. Millions of
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what is the conduct of those' who have undertaken to
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iclion is excited by the medicine. In small doses Strychnia
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pursuit of wild and savage game, sportsmen have remarked that
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a replica of a stained section. There can be no question that Mr.
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tion. Simpler and safer methods are those of Paget and Bar-
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of food. Among these, may be mentioned Democritus, of Abdera,
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Where hogs are confined in close, small quarters, it is