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in 53, and the thyroid gland in 12. It is plain that these statistics. ought

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contrary, the Army Reports tell us that, " with the exception of

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grene, that frightful scourge of pre-antiseptic surgery in crowded hospitals,

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rest of two weeks given the patient. At this time there remained

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to read papers, but it is left optional with them to do so, or to

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allowed to progress l>eyond the possibility of relief

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cream, and crust coffee. Patient became comatose and re-

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The operation was performed under thorough antiseptic

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race, and feeding, day by day, on that love to God and man which lifts us from the brute,

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opsonic index may herald the incidence of a negative phase, and an

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the arrangement of thoughts is clearest then; memory

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physician appears generally as a "handsome man."^^* During

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out. By referring to the clinical record of the case, it will be

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Results. Washington. DC, US Dept of Health and Human Services (DHHS) publication

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must have been present in the muscles for many years.

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Twenty-Seventh Annual Meeting— Wilmington, May, 1880.

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gracilis. Few of the crossed fibers entered the lateral funiculus.

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I then told him to come in in three days and I would be

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passed through a flame before introducing the finger. The

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a change of environment and by firmness, and the use of elec-

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few days and for two weeks was desperately ill ; she

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mental dulness, there being no evidence either of aphasia,

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ft book to be known as the Inspection Record, in which he must enter and record

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cine. During the period of excitement, the patient complained of an in-

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Thirdly. — Headache occurs in nearly every case, and

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to doubt whether such a predisposition be transmitted to any large extent),

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psychopathic hospitals would gather all the spirits