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H. E. Lewis (New York Medical Journal, Aug. 9, 1902)

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or ferment dulcite. It has, then, approached the hog-cholera bacillus

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the clinics is suspended during this month. I visited Carl Zeiss,

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Dr. Gustav W. T. Barck was born at Barkaynd, Sweden, May 10, 1832.

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September 25 — To J. P. Foster, Huron, S. D., for expenses as

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ganic products of these cardinal elements were the chyle, blood,

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much drowsiness and stupor though he may still feed when

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The first account of the disease called rickets was drawn up

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tol, of Webster Grove, INIo., writes that he had small-

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other cases, none of which could be traced to the first. The origin

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question, or calls for help, in that position, his lungs are closed

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fluid, or at a greater distance from the commencement of the scale; the degree

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ant men), when eliminaUen from, and absorption by, the skin es

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return of it at the end of six weeks, during which time the patient had been

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soluble salt. The peculiar virtues of Iodine are not impaired,

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the former, but with this difference, that whereas the liver in the

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___ iTi!>. In W«bnrD, Mmi, Jin. T, bT Rbt. J. B. Ken-

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Professor of Nervous Diseases, New York Polyclinic.

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house surgeons. Fourteen are now hospital surgeons ; twenty-

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in part, of surface tension, which, under the pressure of

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case, that the animal was castrated by the clamp method. I

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lanced. Many a poor animal has suffered the barbarous method

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By far the most varied and curious, beautiful and in-

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nothing abnormal is noticed in the shape of the chest, or in the

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