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ducts of secretion. 2. It contains cholesterine; which is found in

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hydrastin and strychnin will be demanded. In other cases

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can be obtained from narcotics and anaesthetics ; and

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Ventilation in summer or in hot climates is largely a matter of the

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freely washing out the peritoneal cavity in cases com-

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as expressed in a circular addressed to members of the Council,

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come away with the injection, the case will soon end well.

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We have the hope of receiving some such aid from our New-York

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It is not improbable that vascular spasms in the brain may occur

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Finally, the still higher series, such as octyl alcohols, which are not

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pass off in the urine, either free or in combination, except

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All operative cases of hernia and all laparotomies should have

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immediately behind the pancreas, the superior mesenteric vein and

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be found in the disintegrated areas of brain tissue.

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