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way to interrogate the pelvic viscera, and I could not help suspecting that

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and chronic. Two of my cases might be classed as chronic. In one,

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in the twelve hours preceding her anticipated chill, breaking the fever just

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The special order was then called, and the two reports from

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let-fever patient, and made to inhale the breath of the


N. Y. "Of the various elements composing wheat, the ni-

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Medicine, Dr. F. H. Hamilton of New York has touched upon

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Local Government Commission to inquire into the health of

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the future on the present. For, were this bond of union severed, the

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that is that this life out-of-doors is led on a dry, sandy,

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thinks that the phenomenon is to be explained by supposing that each organ

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Meningitis. Though this must be regarded as a very rare manifestation

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J-A.CKS0N. — In Madison, Wis., on Friday, February 11th,