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over an inch in diameter, and contained no nuclei. The bladder
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A woman fifty-six years of age was seen in January,
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chronic gastric disorders, exophthalmic goitre, myxn-dema. general
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orifice. The blades retained their position because the elas-
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not one new thought, but working out details from that
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dency for the duration of the disease to increase as the epidemic
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possibly lies in the vaccination of children who have recently been
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Food box: Contains hospital stores or containers for the same.
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families. We were a trifle nervous as to the outcome of these mass
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and these ilatter seem to have been profoundly moved to
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pretty well-established commercial code. Even when money is
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of the tibia, a condition very frequently associated with laceration or
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and Natives in Egypt, etc., J. Roy. Army Med. Corps 28:151, 1917.
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book, owing to its technical language, is unsatisfactory. The writer has
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The bottom row contains a bone elevator, a tube (probably from a household drainage apparatus), a
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if secondary to affections of other organs, what is the patho-
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gummata were to be seen. The ulceration on the face was
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most cases. From this region the inflammation spreads down the cord to a
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minds of medical men, as an antiseptic and disinfectant. Al-
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horse blood in agar plates. A rabbit was repeatedly injected intra-
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account for the production of animal heat. It may be known to some
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fell 5.1", 1111(1 ufl(;r tliĀ» fourlcenlli titppiii({ llit; U-iii|i<<ru-
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antagonist is a single body; in the other the cytotoxins or cytoly-
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The prostatic catheter with long curve may be tried, passing it as
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malarial fevers, New Orleans 23, New York seven. Brooklyn
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Female, aged 29 years (Shield: British Medical Journal, 1>*96).
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level with the third lumbar. Relations : The diaphragm and the fascia over
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In corresponding with Advertisers, please be sure and mention thin Journa I.
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renal cells, and leads us to seek a physicochemical mechanism to explain
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May '_'7tli. Morning Session at ten o'clock, promptly.
sas, and more particularly that of Colorado, had been |
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physician in a given case not to have to make cultures
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been practised in too small a number of cases to allow
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The number of sick days for 1919 was GOO, as against 523 in 1918.
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the heart, or from the endocardium, and carried forward by the arterial
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which I was unable to attend. An opening, as was sup-
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