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petent medical opinion ! What incapacity to realize the extent
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gentleman it was nearly double the minimum, the greatest occurring
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48.3° ; for New York, 51.2° ; and for Savannah, GG.9°,
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his mind, next to the grave question of when to open
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characterized by the same keenness of judgment which he
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7). The illustration also demonstrates the increased amount of
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By finding figure 1 on the lithograph you will see the site of the
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and chronic. Two of my cases might be classed as chronic. In one,
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14. Ref. by Boinet and Stephan, loc. cit. 15. Thomson.— Lawce^,
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tion only is necefTary to give it due weight, in oppo-
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various phases of mental disease, and will prove of great value
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and being transmitted to the medulla oblongata by incident, may
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clear, and he was able graaually to discontinue the use of
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(iv.) for prohibiting or regulating the movement of animals into,
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alluded to here as injuries resulting from work. Owing to
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feet of many others. I have endeavoured to state my own impres-
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few specimen results on a normal man, which he had hoped to com-
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succeeding attack being of less severity than its prede-
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causes which I have enumerated. But to obtain such a result, it
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the necessity for advocacy on the part of any human-
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But to resume the subject of amaurosis. If from the history
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to fire them, as is the case with the hand grenade.
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sulphate of magnesia, and has been mistaken for it ; a fact to be
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is very unsafe to attempt their removal by means of the knife;