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twenty drops of the tincture of aconite, given every two hours.

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the bacteria in the urine having come from a source other than the


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on the face, one at the root of the nose, between the eye-

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which the effect of bacterial infection was considered


sented me those only who used the milk without other food.

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with the following history : About nine years ago his mother noticed

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Arabia Mrauta, (L.) Scop. Fl. Cam. Ed. 2, ii, 30 (1772),

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Ranson, of Dodge Center, failed to arouse the discussion it obviously merited, that

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On one occasion, he estimates that nine tenths of all the sickness of

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used for infants deprived of the mother's milk. I have now, within my circle of

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as I could. My first thought was, " What can be the trouble

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development of this disease, which for these reasons has