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indicated in a wide rancoof disea?ea, particularly bo
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be kept strictly on the diet. In the second case, however, he was successful.
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then direct that the splint be loosened at night for
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College, Cambridge, and pursued the demon of typhoid fever
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medical profession. Line upon line and precept upon precept
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preferable. Irrigation of the colon is of much service where
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pearance after 5 minutes and 22 per cent excretion in one-half Hour;
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the following results : Starting with the ''three score and
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horn has formed, gentle pressure, by means of tow dipped in tar,
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Beginning November 12, a trial was made of a low calory, carbo-
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a hi^h-standing promontorv, generally associated with a flattened anterior
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In diseases of the heart, they feel the pulse of the
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auto-reinfection. We know that they may persist for years in some cases.
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vame side, about one inch from their junction with the ver-
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then be passed through the capsule at the opposite side of the pupil and the
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N.Y. State Boards of Medicine & Dentistry 25-hour accredited
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But, as we have said, after all this, further researches are
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James H. Walsh, Massachusetts, Advertising Manager.
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and common- sensible doctor first put me on the right track and, as I
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cervical sympathetic. Mollendorf (1867) and Wilks (1869)
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different kinds occur' Whether on u hill, plain, or a \alle\ I I or pro-
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officially reported. The whole number of cases offi-
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The following gentlemen, arranged in order of merit, deserve
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Bernard Fantus, A.M., M.D., Associate Professor of Therapeutics.
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