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ear disease, and the subject of ear troubles following scarlet fever was

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cannot be solved b}^ anatomical or vivisectional methods ; secondly,

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Wales in 1912, and 304 with 163 deaths in 1913 and an equal number in

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clusion of the foregoing three principles would necessarily be largely

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fact that the condition is due to a definite drug, for, as we

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At the present time Comby (^-) is the most prominent

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sure, and respirations, and any changes in the subjective and objec-

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cases will perplex even the expert veterinarian; to aid

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he pre^rs it. Most of these devices have been aban-

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Holders and Noyes Handy Tables. No more appropriate and

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method of separating these structures, as a rule. When the sac is

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ods and skilful observation, been more fortunate, and

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average taken the emetic so early ; and that, no doubt,

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Simple broncho-pneumonia may be limited at the outset to the small

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quently occurs in the memory of names of individuals ; if we can think

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the water, gradually added, until they are mixed. Ex-

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for hospital accommodation for their patients. The estab-

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gether four of his brothers reached such distinction

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It was not until 1684 that the animal nature of bladder- worms

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araos consisted in the observance of abstinence and

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co-operation of druggists in refusing to dispense venereal nostrums and

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from the profound alteration in the shape of the bones, from the formation

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I could say that this is never done by any of our pro-

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tise;^ but it seems that often professional bigotry or medical

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prepare to set its house in order. It is useless to adduce argu-

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taken place, palpation revealed slight infiltration; the

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whose special articles on the antiseptic treatment of typhoid fever

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which teething children are reduced by diarrhoea, or

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GRAY, H.— Anatomy, Descriptive and Surgical 3d edition, by T. A. Holmes, MD. Royal Svo. London. 1864. Oo^ $10.00.

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