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difficulty in passing water, consequently, neither nephritic colic nor
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To Cash INIembership Fees, Aug. 24^0 Jan. 26, inch . 12.00
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the best thing in moderate doses, it allays without depressing the heart,
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supplied by the ordinary nerves of sensation and voluntary motion ;
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malign tendency, from wliich there is no escape? and thaten-
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curette, whereby the ganglion may be broken down. — Medical News,
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serous membranes and conjunctivae reported for a beta blocker (practolol) have not been
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life in the interests of science; and Dr. Wood and Mr.
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removal of the appendages was manifestly contraindicated.
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during which the wounds are inflicted ; but this subject has been
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1 "The Autobiography of Sir Robert Sibbald, Knt., M.D.," printed 1833, pp. 35-41-
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too high to transmit the rays of light directly into the specu-
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and kindness of his various teachers, who each sought to
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ever, that after reading what has been said above, our riders will agree with ns in
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poultices with carron oil upon them were applied to
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On dorsum of each hand and fingers there were numerous
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ing body, which has been used as a substitute for saccharin, was
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be well marked both with normal and typhoid blood. Johnston and McTag-
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half-hour he may be permitted to resume his clothing, and on the
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Abbe, K., 15; the pathology and treatment of pertussis, Hagenbach,