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provide additional facilities to the extent necessary to
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this is met by a record strange even in this land of contrasts,
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been brought near the point of death from prolonged and
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return the blood to the heart from the brain. Willis also agreed with Galen in regarding the
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cated with dyspareunia and sterility. Abortion, if not primarily depending
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regards the Eegister and the Board of Examination, and they
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of over-exertion " were for the first time definitely formulated
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patient in a given period, extending possibly over several days,
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further powers we want to be possessed of, and we will do
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Tlie German and French methods are only a repetition of
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M.D., Professor of Surgery Northwestern University Medical Sdiool.
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bluish-white in color; margins well defined; all the
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insensibility, a rise of blood-pressure, and slowing of
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he must, if called upon, state to the Court satisfactory reasons for this opinion;
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sary in examining young patients affected with this disorder to look
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but in most countries of to-day social groups are neither homo-
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of the common order of men, and it is but natural, that per-
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ne?s. About June 17, he began to complain of headaches,
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stomach, which formed a sort of lateral dilatation between the two ap-
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denial to be practiced, and the duration of the case, should not be con-
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had hsemoptysis. He then interrogated 115 compositors who worked in
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Boll, med.-chir. d. 1st. iKiliti'ia])., ililano. 1897, i, 123; 173;
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soon part of the common property of the profession,
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and the breasts became filled. The breasts were left
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microscopic organisms, but will be completed at no distant day.)
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was prescribed, which gave complete and permanent relief in a
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over the bald area; and these may gradually N«tnrai»iM. (o) Healthy hairs; (»>
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7. Fascia lumborum. 8. Sheath of the rectus. 9. Rectus abdominis, cut off.
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This is kept up for a long time, while the patient is coming out
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Wade, Reginald, L.S..i.,, Somerset, of St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
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over the surface of the tumor, the current was turned on from six cells,
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cure in some cases. A woman, from whom JBemdt removed a cauli-
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(which may, however, also be applied with a camel's-
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time. Not all of the maculae are converted, but some may remain as rose-spots,
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chiefly, and yet the quantity is not proportionate to the in-
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book has been brought out, it would appear from the preface
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