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not happen to have observed ganglion cells. I shall not, however,
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such a large number of patients had died in one of the hotels in Colo-
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of Continuing Medical Education, Virginia Mason Medical Center, PO Box 900, Seattle,
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women, of forming a vesico-vaginal fistula, and the use of catgut suture
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tion and one for suppling additional media to the droplets. Early
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more or less direct. Shares in a co-operative medicine manu-
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raced along the side of one hill to reach the bridge some miles
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similar to those observed in laboratory animals, the only difference being
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in which cases, tlierefore, tlie clinical diagnosis is diphtheria, such as the sta-
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for instance, beneath a floating kidney, I usually begin
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be treated by as immediate and radical surgical extirpation as pos-
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theria ; he had very seldom been able to diagnose it during life, and he had
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edition the author wrote the epistle to the reader to
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whilst we neglect those which are near ; to indoctrinate the
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tions of the tongue or mouth, as the thrush of children
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may be produced by the jarring of the body during the act of
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lege Medical School, which deprived them of his presence and
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directions as to how and when these are to be employed, and lists of
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some mechanical or vasomotor arrest or diminution of blood-
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and ether a hundred times without a single fatality,
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For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He took up a position immediately behind
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layers; or the emissary veins may carry infection to the sinuses and
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computing the yields per acre was not justifiable, at least for
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hour, and 24 1 pounds per day, or about 17 times the weight of the
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probable site of its lodgment if it should not have passed out,