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rapidity of respiration, as compared to rapidity of pulse,

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by the nurse to avoid the causes. A good nurse knows that the appear-

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dressed with plain boric acid, and in twelve hours the

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which poisonous emanations may be constantly permeating the

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a mortality of 29 per cent. This is a mortality better than in

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stuffs is available. It was shown by experiments on BryophyUum

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practical points suggested by the experience of each in-

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and presents the principles of reflection and refraction to us in a clear man-

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the orifice of the urethra, the patient has to be cast, and the

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something to do with the speedy recovery subsequent to laparotomy,

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in the r. knees and hip joints, and 1. breast and shoulder ; uneasiness

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3. Dropsies with Changes in the Blood and Albuminuria, hut without Bright's

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reported before the onset of the outbreak. In Hyde Park all the (rases

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the fluids circulate. They are called according to the fluid

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die, especially when exposed in dry air to sunshine. For the most

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specitied, this ' binary compound ' should be written co-

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He then pointed out the complaints amenable to the new

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occupies about eighteen days, via Brindisi and Bombay,

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the kingdom, on January ist, 92,067 lunatics, idiots, and

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made, it will certainly do all that is claimed for that

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geny of boils it is, he thinks, incredible how a crop of boils,

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and partly or wholly on this account their contractility is different, that

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which determine the localization of the infection, are important. It

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infection. There are the recurring chills, the atypical

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to have had typhus. Lastly, Lebert draws attention to the fact that in his

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half as many calories as would be received as when dried apples are selling for

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hospital case to treat, and it is to my friends. Dr. Chauveau

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largely by the rules which were formulated by the famous

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by retaining some of the blood, looks more natural ; and, by

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just before death. In some instances the abdomen was extremely ten-

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held out hopes of a bright future. The latter referred most

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usually half-and-half, and if subsequently diluted, co-

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of imbrication is discoverable on its surface, but the overlapping of the

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able blood, as well as nerve tonic, in those numerous anaemic conditions

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that the particulate elements of heredity proceed exclusively

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