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of the condition are a low blood-pressure and the consequences of the
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then at first glance the best method of operation seems established. If
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of the connective tissue, signs of cavities of corresponding size
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" I. That on the nth December 1844, Dr. Wells had, at Hartford, by his own
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tion to that of the tubercle bacilli. Their mode of en-
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(a) From wounds., contusions., rupture of bladder or other vis-
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berg estimates that $4,500,000 are thus annually expended
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this field should make every effort to acquire those listed- and
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repealed. And in a short time this society applied for an
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healthy woman. Emaciation, extreme debility, night-sweats, hectic
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York ; President of the N. Y. Neurological Society, etc.
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diluted muriatic acid, made of the chemically-pure acid, and
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Monolepsis chenopodioides, Moq. DC. Prodr. xiii, part 2, 85 (1849^
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afflicting, or giving pain to sentient creatures ; and
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to no other symptoms than duU pains, a feeling of weight, uneasi-
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(De V Electrisation LocaHsie^ par le Dr. Duchenne de Boulogne^ Paris, 1872.)
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and fall asleep before they know it. People should not write just
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difficult. After an interval of six minutes, when both
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larensis A 3,25 Although clinical tularemia is virtually non-
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and after a time, these abscesses may themselves be absorbed without
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French statistician has calculated that the average
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ability of the administration of endotoxin to mediate
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cases which had proceeded to gangrene I treated by the static breeze.
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(i) It is of interest to note that Royle, who wrote in 1837,
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rection of the spinal deformity, 142; Pott's pjiraplegia as affected
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'•Fox, T. F., The Personal Doctor: Lancet, April 2, 1960, pp. 743-760.
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January 2'>d to 27th (nineteenth to twenty-third day of illness) the
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to 18 — , per cent, of cancer cases to total cases?
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posterior ])ariet<d layer of the i>erit<jneum is reflected on to the jiosterior
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the widows and orphans of those who fell in battle.
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Bettex (These de Lausanne, Zeitachnft fiir Urnlogie, in., 4,
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days later became dull, elevated temperature, cough
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was an opportunity for the latter to come in contact with repre-
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