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to control. Wisely, his bilateral herniorrhaphy was

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complained of only slight pain in her joints; corti-

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mg. daily for three days, 75 mg. daily for the fol-

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IMPORTANT BENEFITS: Well-tolerdted, fast-acting urinary analgesic. Action

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media, the program included such subjects as ‘Mal-

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R. K. Gilchrist, Presbyterian Hospital, Chicago, and

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each would be 103 yards away from his neighbors. Let the entire crowd

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sir, why ie this ? Where is the cause, and what is the remedy ?

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Mr. S. F. P., a buyer now sixty-eight years of age,

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section a hospital arbitration committee shall con-

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bership. To be a live wire in your county and state,

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Library of Ireland, the British Museum, the Library of Con-

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that if this is published, its title should be ‘History

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Dohme, Division of Merck & Co., Inc., sole distributor in the

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Coronary Artery Insufficiency, Harold L. Rakov, M.D 644

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general law of the econom/, the most forcible contagion will

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might give rise to a mischievous development of variola.

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The president’s direct messages reach the frontline

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Sts., Easton, Pa. Editorial and Circulation Office: 386 Fourth Ave., New York 16, N. Y. Change of Address: Notice

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tinually, he says, for many years. Wh«i he left, they were occasionally

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ered that the '^ little one'' had transferred to her stomach ten bottles full

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injection of normal saline in varying amounts (50-100

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ing delirium, with aubauUns kndinwn and jflocdlatio. As the

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carrier will loyally stand by and preserve a refug(‘

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Brucellosis and Diabetes Mellitus, Harold J. Harris, M.D., F.A.C.P 1183

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Felsen received his medical degree from the College

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project, we of the medical profession, as an organized

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entitles you to these extra benefits. ’ ’ It was immedi-

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