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As she had already given birth to seven children, I found that this prob-
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Meyer, Nancy Irene, 135 Beverly Avenue, Massapequa Park,
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feigned disease which cannot be detected, yet, by giving
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IVhy do children sometimes resemble more the grand- fathers
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' Lindesay of Pitscottie : " Cronicles of Scotland," Edinburgh, Vol. I, p. 235, Book XX, Chap. VH.
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provisions, two or three times a week, or every other day.
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Teale having satisfied himself that, in many cases, 1 the mass of
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rough and corrugated, about the size of a twenty-five cent piece, and
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Dr. Hutchinson, in a lecture on anaemia, states that he has found a pecu-
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Hewitt and W. T. Howard in which the patient's age (40),
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in one or more large hospitals. Let a certain number of patients be put under
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remedy which debilitates or counteracts this, must be more or less inju-
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general characteristics of the climate of Colorado,
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of complete analgesia, although there is some diminution of the
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In Dr. Brown's first criticism, he denied the correctness
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layer by the insinuation of the contents of the sac between them, and dropped into the cavity,
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G. S. Whiteside, Portland, Ore. — "To be annoiinced."
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fluid collection, the interpretation of this shadow was not doubtful.
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When appendicitis gives rise to diarrhoea it can be distinguished
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rather than stand still for any length of time, unless