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doubt do present, produced by "blood deterioration" as a "primary" and not

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she is not very careful to prevent those accidents to which she

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stances which inflame the stomach, produce all the characteristic

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During the last year or two, the histories of a few cases of

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ments of the pancreas. A cream-colored power used to aid diges-

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beginning of the nineteenth century. Such an epidemic, starting in India

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175. Fracture through the Petrous Bone into the Eustachian Tube ,* Commencing

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natives. It is situated on the delta of the Yang-tse,

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water on the filtering layer is not more than two feet. The

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the spasm, but what is the spasm itself? Is it a muscular,

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have had no more after their hysterical nature had been proved

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and she had been in the enjoyment of fair health. Had the

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Dr. A. M. Vance : I think the main question here is as to the final

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in color according to locality. Where the affection is most marked, about the

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the qualification that any inflammatory process occurring in the lung in the

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years ; the average interval is about one year. In some cases the patient

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has stated that it sometimes rises to 10 per cent. In one epidemic in St.

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from old age. Inactivity, impaired nervous power, the persistent

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case of Belfast County Borough. In both instances, how-

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this organ should receive particular attention — and here, he says : " Opium

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this modification would be beneficial to any individuals so

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Symptoms. — Of a severe burn we have local symptoms presenting

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He took especial personal pride in the fact that the ques-

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A comparison of these results shows that the operation

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amount of these substances in the blood and urine of parathyroidec-

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buy libigirl, and in twenty-six out of 132 rat fleas dissected.

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of the break, which may be afterward absorbed in part or

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Hospital, on the 25th September, 1860, with fracture of the

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gative (horse, aloes ; ox, salts ; pig, oil or jalap,) and fol-

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by the operation, very slowly extended for some weeks,

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