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pain, intensified at a particular place, which, in the inferior extremity,

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The accompanying chart (Fig. 1) shows the temperature, pulse,

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cal bills, contracted previous to his expatriation. lie is reported to

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of which there had been no symptoms during life, and embolism of the artery

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there was profuse hemorrhage, in nineteen the uterine adnexa

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nature of the raised lesions at the preputal orifice ?

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of the disease, but that ptomaines produced by their agency may be. In

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may be produced by the jarring of the body during the act of

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For the medical officer who has to deal with them, we know of no better

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Dr. E. C. Seguin said, with regard to the aetiology

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before death. In these cases I think the cold or tepid bath offers the

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be re-developed, and, this is very noteworthy, such cases

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abdomen is occupied by a somewhat ovoid tumour, the right half of which

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malignant tumors. But we must admit that the primary ca-

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The advantages of the external or bath treatment are : (i) The

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but more frequently is associated with other bacteria.

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Gesammte Therapic ; American Journal of the Medical Sciences.

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