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tortuosity of its venous system. The optic nerve was not swollen,
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a meeting Saturday, September 22, at the D. R. Printz residence in Asheville.
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We see, therefore, the first change is to make preparation for
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too weak to prevent the blood accumulating in the veins. Very
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may be stewed or made into a pie ; in either case care must be
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the period prior to confinement (a space of four or six weeks)
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world more habitable ; the victories over ignorance, disease,
We are not responsible for the views of correspondents.
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The most general differences between the effects of the continuous and inter-
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between hydrophobia and Landry's paralysis may be only possible after
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need to be fed in order to maintain growth, the rat being able to synthe-
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in preference to quality, especially when left to judge for
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of Henry Wicks, who experimented on himself, and made the discovery
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* What you need to ask an annul cy salesman when evaluaring his or her product
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pins, small coins, marbles, pebbles, teeth, bits of slate pencil,
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tion for this indication, but I have not been able to
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ยง 10. A physician who is called upon to consult, should observe the most hon-
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fever does not occur until some time after urine has been passed
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days the amount of urea passed will be found to vary directly with the
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patients were cases of mania, insanity with hallucinations, hys-
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affected skin in early stages, however, it can be seen that there is general
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of different physicians, she removed to Bath, where her sufferings
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once secured, if possible, for the hospital. As soon as this is
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of a large quantity of virulent blood into cattle, goats, dogs, cats
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The typhoid bacillus may be associated with these or found in pure culture.