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into the ventral nerve-roots of pig embryos. Anat. Anz., Bd. 31, S.
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in the graph, figure 7, and from which figures 4, 5, and 6 were
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have made observations on the gangUon cells of the terminalis
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trigeminal motor nucleus or root. It will be seen from figure 18
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remedy, otiier things being equal, is proportionate to the small number of
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The amount is small, owing to the fact that the substance of the brain
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recent civil war, especially in the Army of the Potomac, in the. Peninsular
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the disease the pulse is sometimes at first more or less rapid, afterward
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long time without complications or supervening affections, it induces an
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statement from the previously cited paper of Ayers is of interest.
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tenance presents a natural appearance ; the respiration is quiet, with per-
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attacked by it. Statistics establish conclusively the hereditary transmis-
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limit. In the present paper I will describe mainly the manifesta-
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the chapter treating of the latter disease. In general, the diagnostic fea-
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course of the following day he became rational. He progressively im-
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than seven years old, and who enjoyed fulness of strength at the
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cases the throat was bruslied with a weak solution of the nitrate of silver.
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McGregor, H. H. 1917 Proteins of the central nervous system. J. Biol.
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catabolism products are assimilated into different granules by the
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ized by death-like pallor, coldness, catching of the breath, and great feeble-
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re-agents. It will also be observed, the exact analogy which
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striking case in which the aphasia, at first complete, was unaccompanied
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variety of intermittent fever, if the malarious cachexia remain in spite of
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want of sleep may not be appreciated, owing to the mental condition. The
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the attack is either impaired or lost. The odor of food is often disagree-
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mary croup. There is undoubtedly less hope of success from surgical
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tended hospitals, must have found that such a supposition is
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names. Thus, fevers characterized by great prostration have been called
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hemiplegia without any improvement as regards the aphasia; of this
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rowed, the portion of the tube between the constricted part and
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the spinal marrow ; although it may attack the union of the
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