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substitute. Unfortunately, in the medical profession, all truly

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time, -partial or complete? If not, did it take place on the 13th?

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attacks in eclampsia nutans may, as I have said, continue permanently as

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EsERiNE. — Vineberg treats of eserine as a prophy-

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should be considered in any patient with diffuse myalgias, muscle tenderness or weakness, and/or marked

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by the obliteration of the os uteri, which was effected by uniting the split and freshened

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" In cases of chronic disease associated with suppuration,

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The health authorities are investigating the case, and

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themselves of their aqueous contents. It continued to

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oedematous, the tongue clean. The neck was symmetrically and very

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statement as to the cause of cold feet ; for it still remains true that

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after the body temperature had begun to rise. Both chills and fever

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after admission she had congestion of both lungs, with elevated temperature


necessary to success, and it is open to objections, not the least

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almost impossible to avoid when other instruments are used.

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treated for season fever in the house, during- the past summer and autumn,

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creatitis will demand relief unless his symptoms are masked with

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from the healthy portion. A slough may be of greater or

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The lateral deformity of such an extreme type as is

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What is wanted, however, are not statistics of the success

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The similarity is of a kind which does not concern us. An

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be much pain the opiate should be used first. After

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pharyngeal catarrh, where a note is made, stating that

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ner indicated on page 68. If a general anesthetic is necessary for

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method of prophylaxis, that he should try to get the