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of previous goitre, this does not indicate that the goitre as such causes the

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cannot be satisfactorily treated; the much more satisfactory treatment of

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It is Ponse(|ueiitly in these jiarts that hiibble forniation is likely to oc-

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not only in some healthy individuals of dark-skinned races, but even in rare

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■J. The iiirirliisis aeeeleratiii!.' liyilrol>sis of disaeili.irides, e. -_'., malt

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Although searching, these are often insufficient, as insurance applicants

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of the adrenal glands are such as to prevent the formulation of a satisfactory

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lat is also n.'ci'ssaiy lor tlic a(!t',|uatt' and continued <ri«.\tli of tl.,

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Of their great help in the way of diagnosis there can be no question.

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observations show that an association has sometimes been noted between

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i'iiitr;itiiiii of (1.1 i)i'r cent ;it'ti'r niixiiiui. niiil sucrniiii ttiicnidi' iiml sodiuin

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■irti'iioics tiii'.'lit ililiiti' lit the >;imii> iiiotiKiit tliat tlioM- of a iipiu'hl)orinL'.

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didymis, prostate, and seminal vesicles, palpation will generally make the

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culus" is composed of ammonium magnesium phosphate and calcium

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wrinkles, and the skin everywhere parchment-like. The entire neck was

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It does not seem likely that the liver is solely at fault in these diatheses,

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,„• ,l,..s.. Ilui.ls. is slill ,.in,lu.-..l hv tin- ......a.-t nf ,h.. a.-i.l .•!.>»..- uilh

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.,„.,. Tli..i-.' ar.' t\v.. x\ays !,y xvlii.'li Hi-' oxact canso may I.o .lia-n..s...l:

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the 1^ and foot were hot, and the temperature was 6** higher than on the

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TomorB of the Pelvis of the Kidney.— These growths are very rare,

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tions may occur. True psychoses are rare, but Basedow's first two patients

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k liiMi. I l'.i'iii>!i 'hiiiin; 111, iiMlkf.l hillH.ir

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fusing. Here the urine is often increased in amount, of low specific gravity,

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MacCallum finds that the terms "inner," or "internal," and "outer,"

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That the vessels call iind,'!'-.. a process of eonstricliou has heen sho« n

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daily, while in personally observed cases the average' amount was 2200 cc.

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the days immediately following. Lactation has in general no effect, though

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practice ; and it is no weak argument in its favour,

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as foxes and some other wild-living camivora. It varies remarkably in