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ease. Its application to this particular system of medicine is implied in

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pear, has sometimes proved fatal where the fistula has been extensive,

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was found to be lying with its back to the left and front of the

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black shawl-pin two inches long, with a head nearly as large as a

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current over the liver should not be omitted at the onset

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* Letter on Corpulence, addressed to the Public. Third Edition. London,

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boiling point, then let cool off so as to warm, then put in

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captivate or to allure. Its use in our language is of it-

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a rough blowing sound at the apex. This patient, therefore, has had

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das zwolfte und vierzehnte Stuck des Naturforsehers <Ibidem, v. 2, pp. 58-82.

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months; and whether this thaw will not come at these

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ifying the natural history of extracranial cerebral vascular

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impairment in the use of the left arm, she seemed well.


the animal has a short, tripping gait, and steps cautiously; the

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described above on the cold-blooded heart (page 217). Stimulation of the