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did it by pulling a portion of the rectus muscle down
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Pember, J. F. Skin grafting. Jour. Iowa State Med. Soc, \'ol. X, No. 0, June,
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the injections of living bacteria. The first injection should contain the
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be considered more in detail. The posterior surface of the patella
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the Eskimo women made the threads with which they sew their skin
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the dissemination of noxious effluvia in places where patients
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gastric anastomosis is the only anastomosis in the alimen-
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The author is to be congratulated on having produced an eminently
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cases four were infants. In one of the adult patients two lobes of
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doubt one of the most well known and most able men in the
The Treatment of Prolapsus Uteri by Brandt's Method.
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examined under a low power. This coarseness is due to the great
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cases in which a drachm, or less, in the twenty-four hours was administered.
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output, ejection fraction, and left ventricular end diastolic pressure
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were so often repeated that there was no doubt left
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from local coagulation of fibrin (thrombosis] or in consequence of
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Valuahle Stimuhnt in Zoic Fevers and after Uterine Hemor-
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the aviator is given a general physical examination, including an
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to 1827, but afterwards forsook medicine for natural history, in his autobiography
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affords considerable relief. After the replacement, massage,
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over; there was nothing general about it.) But neither of them
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secondary sympathy of the skin and extremities, by preventing a greater degree
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drinking. Of thirty-seven three took no animal food, four took
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