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the virus. There is no convincing reason for looking upon them as indicating

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vasoconstriction, and has been recommended as a remedy of great value

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mode of spore formation, but this attempt has not met with much accep-

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tain, cannot be held as figns of the venereal difeafe ;

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been proved to be more watery than that of other patients ; but I pass

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corporis, generis humani educatorem, arefacere & extin-

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the sympathetic which are distributed to the organ of

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having separate special chapters). Clothing, Ventilation, Cleanliness, Sleep, Exercise,

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egress, and to stand in them, to lounge or gaze about, to the incommoding of

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haustive discharge ; the adverse circumstances surrounding him ;

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distended vessels. The organ, after being delivered through the inci-

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It seems to us, however, to be a very safe and common-sense way of

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cussions are calculated to develop the student's mind without

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much less space than those existing here. The desire is to empha-

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care being taken to avoid the diaphragm and pleura alx)ve, and

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with the suit before the counsellor of the society of which he

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may be elected by two - thirds of the members present, on ballot. Should

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A great many have been detected in the urine by different

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he stated, that during an epidemic of variola at Halifax, in

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(4.) While the usual treatment with mercurials does not insure against either

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with tearing of the ligaments and often with rupture of the muscular

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through which more than a quarter of a peck of food was removed

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The case which I have submitted to your criticism appears

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assisting other surgeons in their operations, my interest was strongly