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January, 1902, Henry H. Koehler, M.D., Louisville, Ky., reports
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sympathy existing between diseased capsules and the stomach
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them that I hud done enough Ult a trial, to prove the
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Buddha, but they have left no traces in the literary
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may sometimes be of service. Without pretending that there is
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ligated. In this situation the ligature of the vessel is a very simple
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{HKmdced to pour out ito lecretkm, jiuH ia thenJifaiy
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mation which would point to the utilization of the method, or
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but moved with a definite velocity. He is sometimes
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• Traube, Gesammelte Beitriige zur Pathologic und Physiolojfie. II. S. 741.
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the body. It is by this means that the maternal surface of
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ing incapacitated for all movement ; than by leading the sufferer
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for influon/.a for some days developed pneumonia, death
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results in that only selected cases are allowed to re-
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it m both directions as the successive sutures are introduced.
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I have also seen cases of locomotor ataxia where there
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As Friedreich's description was taken from a single case, it was quite
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of this writer, for no reference whatever is made to the subject.
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forehead. Among the Chinese the well known feature of small
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sand of those which were illegitimate : in 1855 there were about ten and one-
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West parts of Scotland, who were worthy or vnworthy, to prof esse the same."
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the 161, were distinctly improved by treatment ; and in certain of them,
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fairly large quantity of solids, although the amount of these varies very much.
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pains. The tumor could each time be felt in the vagina. However, its true nature
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stomach, the temperature of the latter causes the food to swell —
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the tulbe will be held in for a long time I will put in another catgut
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the bowels, the sacral, anal and gluteal regions should be cleaned with a cloth
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believed to be almost absolute proof that the first attack was syphilitic.
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it occurred in 1 per cent of the cases with occasional abdominal pain ;.
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in alcohol from the hour they are gathered, and also import direct
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'S06 s.b. Dall, W. H. Catalogue of shell-bearing marine mol-
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ciation and hectic fever, and is likely to be associated