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from it Drs. Duir and Richardson. It pre- Lowest " " " _ _ g^o

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Case 4. — Cured in one Operation by means of the Silver Suture. —

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intestinal walls. I do not know that the administration of vermifuges has

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The mother had had four healthy children. The fifth,

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tempt for internal remedies. He believes that arsenic is

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our practice was also higher than that found among pri-

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tucky as though stock never did suffer from disease. Kentucky has

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staining these smears are numerous and most all of them good,

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ment of the illness. The symptoms which especially indicate a speedy

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three inches deep and four long, or rather more ; it cut clean

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hope and trust that you will take full advantage of the keys of

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is in progress, and, as more cases are reported, the

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walking in water and on wet stones to the knee-douche

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came down with tuberculosis [in 1936], so it was best that

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be equally evident how little a surgeon, without the same know-

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Tennessee. While, therefore, the tributaries of the

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small laryngeal mirror was next introduced in the usual way, and the

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owing to some malarious poison, the quinine was given in

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As I had applied the ligature during the jmst winter to the facial,

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continued too long, sends many of them into solution, with

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ous results. I then gave her five drops of Magendie's

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Eacers are very liable, but cart-horses are not exempt

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is usually composed of dense fibrous tissue, covered with epithelium ; is