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midrosis of the feet, is to wash them once or twice daily with a 2 per

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date, Anatomy : One Course, Six Months; Practical Ana-

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and the cerebellum. In all probability they pass through

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much used in France. Lotio nigra, containing mercurous oxide in

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Berl., 1883, xxix, 1. Abth., 297- 317. — Wallace (J.)

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In the substance of the uterus the dilated vessels are liable to be mistaken

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same proportion as in the normal bones. Hofmeister and Tanaka^" have

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work of the system proper is divided between thirty-two pairs

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If at any time in the past tlie disease tuberculosis ex-

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B. The gambling behavior is not better accounted for by a Manic

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My remarks must, Dr. Moxon says, have been directed at

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ascertained that the salmon and tiout both deposited

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periods of life after infancy, but it holds good also with respect to the

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Pcan. Elephantiasis des membres inferienrs. In Ids:

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The title of this book is misleading ; the work is not so

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tion and reintegration of tissue — a continuous change of

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inches, to the meatus urinarius. Below the symphysis pubis it

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and he pictured the difliculties under which surgeons per-

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reaction in the terminal phases, owing to the exhaustion of the

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Treatment. — Attention to the systemic condition is requisite. Small

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attacks and sometimes Cheyne-Stokes breathing. The cyanosis is

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unexpected difficulties, as the presence and abnormal

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the foot yielded outward he bent the zinc with his hands

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Similar conditions have already been referred to in connection with

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the bowel described by Keith ; and he describes the cardiac

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vation of one-half degree occurring daily at some time

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Observations on the Natural History of Traumatic Tetanus. 175

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that this method, when effectively applied, gives, in

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the alimentary mass, (except such as maceration effects,) until certain mo-

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The Minutes of the previous meeting, as published in the April Proceedings,.

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I- x.ntiiird under pir-urc. In ilir i ,i-c ..I .Ui i'\, i-i-d Hound iiiidiTi:.iin-

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