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pital, and in twenty years out of 40 such deaths, 17

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thumbs against the dorsum of the disarticulated end of the phal-

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•5437 Wanklyn, J. A., and Cooper, W. J. Air analysis.

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40,000. Upon the completion of the ten million vaccinations refer-

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winter in Philadelphia, where the doctor has been attending lectures,

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if they are applied with judgment and intelligence, will generally

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shared quite sparingly in the multifarious labors of her active life — she

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and under that of venereal affections, 172 gonorrhoea, and 30 syphilis.

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testimony in reference to this Appliance, and gave the Sup-

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now growing and some of them are bearing creditable crops*

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(1) When two electrodes are applied at different points of the au-

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gag was liable to be displaced by the struggles of the

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Establishes a hereditary disorders program in New Jersey in the

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radial and ulnar arteries for hemorrhage j Artery. — Dr. Makkoe, in the course of

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may be protected, that pre-tuberculous cases in young and old may be


1. Minot, G. R., and Murphy, W. P.: Treatment of Pernicious Anemia by a

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having only to divide some few ligamentous fibres. After

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" II win be ab9irr«d thai these SrM three proposttioos are lucceuive deve-

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203, anatomy, Dwight, T., 229; surgery, Burrell, H. L.. and Gush-


different kinds occur' Whether on u hill, plain, or a \alle\ I I or pro-

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tity of skin is grown in culture flasks. As much as a

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poh'pi. Posterior rhinoscopy oftentimes discloses pus coming from

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patient, while so strongly were the vaginal secretions impregnated with

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July the patient began a sweat-cure. Every day he remained for an hour in a warm

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cystic adeno-sarcoma of the pituitary gland, and was inoperable. To

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ulcer, without any history of illness before the onset of the severe abdominal

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and its legs equally both together, -with a little of the bed be-

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inform us that there is none of that redness and softening, reveal-

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difference is suilicient to account for the occurrence of leucocytes in the one

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over him, and just as unconsciousness was impending, those sublime and

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oughlv that the people of San Francisco when they take hold of

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1 To these, Chrysops uler O. S. has to be added, which is quite common, but was

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entire satisfaction in all cases. No lady can afford to be without