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that it would cure all dangerous diseases. And one of the

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the illustration, would have been unnecessary. From these

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a boy of 8 years, but generally, if present at such an age, they are not

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surgical means arises. Here, again, the method of treatment

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medicine, and he soon recovered. The altered state of the urine is

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causes that lessen the resistance or, as some say: "destroy

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prominent transverse process, or exostosis, or enchon-

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thirty-five or forty. Their development is favoured by all condi-

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mortality is lower in the former. Leaving out cases

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where, be met with at any period of life. They are usually situated on

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nonax, and Peragrinus died by their own hand. With the Stoics


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patrolman about one-fourth of an inch, while the aver-

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practice, is now almost abandoned for the reason that it is obstructive and

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to operation ; as in removing what we believe to be a cancer we may. perhaps,

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on living animals on such lines as will be in harmony with their

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there undoubtedly is a definite contamination of the air, but

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