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as "phthisis wards," and there should be verandas to

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remarkable Israeli educational psychologist, Dr. Reuven

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cacious therapeutically in the indications sought to be fulfilled

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intestinal causation. Four weeks of this treatment has removed all

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medicine administered to him. In confirmation of the certain and abso-

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fresh attack of iritis or iridocyclitis, with possibly subse-

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As Dairy Inspector he should be responsible for the

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Morton the more appropriate name, pernicious catarrhal fever, is

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deprive them of one or both. It is not, therefore, surprising that mental

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rales. On the right side the dulness extends to middle of third inter-

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Abscesses were thoroughly flushed and filled with anti-

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He cannot believe he is doing injury to himself, and will continue to fol-

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cent writer of ability, (Whitehead) believes that scarcely less

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services rendered during the exposition of 1900, where he repre-

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of deep chronic jaundice, it showed a marked " cloud" of nucleo-

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and produce the most unsightly deformities. There may be

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tion, but not to rupture the coats. The boy died tne next

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blameless, that through us the profession of medicine,

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mitted to run on until a period when time would have disclosed the

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and other rooms, and two bowling greens were established on the

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appears. We have examples of this in pulmonary phthisis

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the weather, and he who eats the same in quantity and quality in July as at

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" epileptics bear tonics badly " would seriously think of advising an

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served several months in the field, who yvas repeatedly under fire, and

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Dr. KiRKPATRicK said a typhoid carrier is a person who

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ture. The man should be brought to the coolest accessible spot, in