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of the capsular epithelium, as described by Klebs, was

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disease. By some it is held to he inflammatory, by others

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Thursday, April 7. — ^9 :30 A.M. Laboratory ; demonstration of prepara-

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that of a V. cholerce. After two or three days it tended to assume a slightly

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practice solely on Thomsonian principles, and if that

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Commercial sulphuric acid in half ounce doses, by weight,

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nalis is elongated or of normal length, the other in cases where it is shortened.

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sion of the injections. On August 24th the injections were resumed; at this

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tent, small, quick, and compressible, Sometim< i tnth

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foration, two cases; circumscribed abscess, three cases; and laparotomy

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have just recorded. The examinations prove that blood, almost black,

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opinion as to the value of cryoscopy, until to-day its limitations are

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of the operation, and seem incapable of rendering the needful

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finally led to complete obstruction of the bowel. Op-

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promptly had not one of the Prussian surgeons recog-

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was the consequence either of arrest of development, or of con-

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Second. To determine how health, life and longevity are affected

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motor center of the same side of the cord blocked, is forced to follow the

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tombstones that have marked the termination of an otherwise suc-

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Such an outbreak occurred last year in Aberdeen, and has been

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The tAird group includes the two lower lateral incisors and the

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