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has been so frequently and so successfully employed,

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then he, if he lives according to the laws of health and nature,

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known to be sometimes present in this disease, Dr. Osier said

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bathe with warm water, which will induce them to bleed

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ally I do not believe that eye-strain from any cause is re-

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Dog F6-11, a female mongrel aged 6 years, weighing 19 kilos, on Dec. 19, 1917,

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to teach something of the general principles to the students. I would not be

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Pigmentation of Skin for Diagnosis ('? Arrested Addison's Disease). By J. A.

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part between the joint and the attachment of muscle

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principle in planning these courses has been to afford facilities for the

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formed tissue, rich in nuclei, and the cells compos-

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accepted is that the process is primarily interstitial, consisting in a chronic

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conveyed to the mind through the mechanism of the ear.

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allowing it to equalize its energies; that is, permitting the

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That this malady is curable there can be no doubt ; though it

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