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the processes of fermentation and baking.^ These are only a few of the
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tion of the stomach, etc., are more important than during recovery fi'om
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marks on the treatment of certain functional and organic affections of the
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arrested, or the obstruction may be but partial. If, however, the latter be
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During the past year the deaths of children under five years amounted
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days: Abdominal pains, disturbed sleep, headache, febrile movement,
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alike to hygienic measures relating to exercise, clothing, and mental
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portions of the intestines which are in contact with each other, fre-
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vidual members, though, perhaps, differing widely in character
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tinued at about 75, and he was entirely free from fever.
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considerable advantage, it appearing to act as a tonic and astring-
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undertake the duties which belong to surgery and obstetrics. In this
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alcoholic stimulants. Irregular action of the heart may be relieved by
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prostrated him in the winter of 1848-49, there seemed to be no
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without material effect. Sinapisms to the epigastrium and ex-
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albuminuria, the presence of albumen in the urine, with diminished density,
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it occurs independently of acute gastritis, the inflammation, if it exist,
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duration, occurring sometimes as transient affections, but in some cases
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accumulation of the product, softening, ulceration, and the formation of
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affording, for a time, marked relief. Yesications or cracks in the integu-