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his hands and returned to the owner. Here the certainty and the

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15 to 45 grains ; and if there be much pain powdered opium (15 grains)

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injections of arsenic. Certainly there can be no objection to trial of this

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the muscles of the thenar eminence ; especially the abductor and opponens,

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so that, if somewhat intensified, the eruption would have become vesicular

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the metropolis, had no need of the vinaigrette, and therefore

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passed in various directions through the nsevoid tissue, but without

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fluous movements, produced by cerebral reinforcement, in place of well-

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the term vice is used in this article. It does not entail future dis-

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Pemphigus aeutus. — Dvplococcus of Demme, Billloch, etc. — Isolated in

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medicine at Vienna, and his lectures at the univer-

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it may be but slight, involving a single muscle or group of muscles, or it

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exhaustion, inaptitude for action, or lowered brain force (14). The prin-

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preponderance of attack in the first three decennia of life, especially in the

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felt regarding the nature of rare cases in which recovery has been said

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Frederick J. Smith published a case remarkable, amongst other things, for

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organised delusions ; next, if its influence continue, the poison leads to

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fungus probably accounts for the greater severity of ringworm as met

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base of the brain failed to reveal any gross lesion.

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colour, counting their number, and adding their values.

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from psoriasis. In some chronic cases the patches on the elbows and

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to the National Hospital for the Paralysed and Epileptic.

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life (especially zymotic) ; (5) the occurrence of nerve disease or neurosis

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Diagnosis. — Acanthosis nigricans, once seen, can hardly be mistaken

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(dipsomania). It may assist in the production of general paralysis, and

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father forgot the last stage, and acted on the assumption that his son was

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melancholic idea succeeds an exalted one, as when the saint becomes the

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years had passed over the graves of Drs. Smith and Jef-

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visionally, at least, as the seat of the morbid process. To them, moreover,

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Symptoms. — The attacks of migraine vary much in severity, not only

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Special reference has been made to pigmentation in the higher brain

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one eye, yet sees two images when a prism is put before either eye, which

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by the effects of change. Should the vicious circle be established but

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assigned causes apparently acting together, or by the absence of trust-

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surface the body of Gulex is parallel to the surface it is resting on,

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from the bench for conduct which was at least as much the outcome of