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Habitat and range. ā€” Horseweed is common in fields and waste places and
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of the skin covering the face, arm*, and chest was of a peculiar
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broken down constitution ; countenance, anxious, sallow, and
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sensations are very uncomfortable, and he betrays much anxiety of
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firmed by later observers, although all agree that consumption
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produces tranquil sleep, with no trace of poisonous symptoms or
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stomach very gradually, and allowed no solid food for ten days. After
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on Saturday, and found a spastic condition of the lower limbs, retrac-
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sified with from 0.5 to 1 c.c. of broth, and the whole inoculated di-
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be slightly swollen symmetrically, but there was no
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observed such a case. Under the circumstances I was led to believe that
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gan the renal function became abnormal. This was shown by a falling urea index,
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** After the pupil has been cleared of the lens, the eye is to be treated as in
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Peyer's patches and enlargement of the spleen are fairly
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more all-embracing or far-reaching in its efficacy than temper-
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1896 cā€” Idem. [Review of 1896 a, by Ahlefelder] <Centralbl. f. Bakteriol.
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confident on horseback; he will quietly and patiently correct the faults of
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This man had been employed in the neighborhood of Shreve-
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boy. Since his accident she had been much concerned